Work by Michael Budd

The forge congers up all sorts of images for different people; it is after all the birthplace of the industrial revolution and the place where for millennia blacksmiths made tools, weapons and art inspired by a myriad of cultures from all round the world. It is no wonder that people are still captivated by the art of forging black metal and tools such as the anvil have become iconic, even in our contemporary setting.

For many people the imagery of the forge is a heady combination of the romantic and the dynamic. With the beating, cutting and sculpting of often white hot metal it is easy to see why.

Here in my forge the work is still heated in a coal fire and hand-forged giving it the properties of durability that have never been surpassed. This, combined with my unique designs, offers the customer the chance to have something that truly is hard to beat, both in aesthetics and longevity.

A short film and exploration of forge-work as a sculptural medium: Not Dying by Simon Watson & Michael Budd