Courses in Forge Work

Teaching courses

The forge is a dynamic place that more and more people want to experience firsthand. The blacksmith working away with hammer and tongs at the anvil, with a fire heating wrought iron is an image ingrained in cultures around the world. Through my range of blacksmith courses I aim to give people practical skills using my in-depth knowledge of this alluring art form. Whether you are totally new to blacksmithing, already have an understanding of the craft, or have a specific interest in an aspect of forge work, I aim to provide relaxed, fun tuition, One to one blacksmith courses take place at my forge here in Co. Sligo on the northwest cost of Ireland.

All courses run from 10am to 4pm. Dates are arranged around the needs of the student and, of course, availability. Safety glasses and a leather apron are provided but students will need steel toe cap boots and clothing free of manmade fibres. Payment for any course is taken on booking via PayPal. Please contact me with any further questions or to book a course.

Basic blacksmith course:

This is a one day class with the aim of giving the student a good understanding of the basic skills used in the forge, namely fire control, hammer control, drawing out, bending, twisting and texture refining. By the end of the day you will have made two fundamental tools used in the forge, a poker and fire rake. Cost: €200.

Knife-making course:

Knife-making is an alluring area of forge work that is often what attracts people to take up the craft. This two day course instructs students in a making blacksmith’s, or Viking, knife. The tuition covers fire control, hammer control, drawing out, bevel forming, heat treatment, and grinding. Cost: €400.

Bespoke courses:

I also offer one to one course for those already experienced who may want to delve deeper into particular areas of forge work. Cost €200 per day.